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Juggling Acts

James Jay, the rubber-boned juggler.
The Juggling Jukebox: Focused atmosphere entertainment
This mechanically styled juggling act shines at festivals, large parties, and conventions -- any setting where crowds mill about.

Word Up: Novel theatrical works
Combining poetry and juggling, "The Animated Blake" and "Ta-Da Dada" put a new spin on literary entertainment.

Five Movements: Stylish stage entertainment
These pieces present intricate and graceful juggling choreography as "kinetic songs."

Workshops: Hands-on fun
James Jay's introductory juggling lessons, with balls or scarves, include tips on how to make your own props to take home with you.

To customize a performance that will best suit your needs, email jamesjay@jamesjay.com.

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James Jay: Innovative kinetic engineering for the entertainment industry
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