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James Jay, juggler

Technical requirements

Now available: tech details for The Juggling Jukebox and Beginning Jugglers Workshop. For other acts, please inquire!

The Juggling Jukebox

Three square feet of far-reaching entertainment, said one spectator! The triangular stand for the robotic juggler measures just 54cm on each side, including signage and props. Space requirements beyond this are dependent on the size of the event. The Juggling Jukebox should be located in a high-traffic area, with enough clearance for people to gather around, but not so much that it becomes lost in space.

In a street festival situation, an intersection is an ideal location. Unlike some other entertainment, the Juggling Jukebox works best when it is right next to the flow of the crowds.

The Juggling Jukebox banner The optional circus midway banner pictured here greatly adds to the impact of the piece and the festivity of your event. It measures 1.5 x 2.75 meters, and requires a hanging mechanism to be supplied by the event. Two fixed points 3 meters or more off the ground are sufficient. Ask James Jay about rigging ideas for your particular venue.

Ceiling height: min. 3.5 meters, the higher the better
Location: high traffic
Floor plan: variable
Two secure hanging points for banner

Juggling workshops

Jay's Intro to Juggling workshops generally begin with all future jugglers making their own juggling props to keep. Having balls at home to practice with is a simple but crucial (and often overlooked) step in turning would-be jugglers into can-do jugglers!

Supplies: Each juggling ball requires 3 round 9" (23cm) balloons, a half-cup of rice, and a plastic sandwich baggie. Multiply these by 3 and then again by the number of participants expected, and add a roll or two of Scotch tape.

Jay provides juggling scarves for younger children (less than 12 years). In this case, the venue must be indoors, since the slightest wind prevents even professional jugglers from mastering scarves. Ask about purchasing scarves in bulk if you want kids to be able to take these home afterward.

Ceiling height: no minimum
Partipants: each class limited to approx. 20 jugglers
Props from venue: one large table
Supplies: to be provided by venue or James Jay, as agreed upon beforehand

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